Welcome to our Site.  There have been many changes in the last few months.  First the shutting down of the Geocities sites - we are working on incorporating the old info as soon as possible.  But more important it bringing the bits of our lives back together after Chris's passing.  Please be patient as we work through this all.
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What our favorite past-times are... RENAISSANCE FAIRES!
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This page created June 2003.

Last updated  4 May 2011. 
Our family, attendants at the wedding of Scott and Colleen (Mirth & Mayhem), Nov 22, 2003. 
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Wishing Star Farms Choose and Cut Christmas Trees (where our critters live)
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Leah's Tarantulas
Yes, Spiders.  You are warned.  If you are an arachnophobe, don't click here.  If you do anyway, oh well, you were warned.  Photos of LARGE T's.

Updated 5-4-11.
(Art Cards) pages of our Shlei Original Art.   LOTS OF GRAPHICS
Gallery I (horses)
Gallery II (Arabs/Park Horses/Costumed)
Gallery III The War Ponies
Gallery IV Longears

Gallery V - More Equines

MORE ACEOS added Feb 2009

Wishing Star Farms Choose and Cut
Christmas Trees
(where our critters live)